The Best of Irelands National Cuisine: Irish Seafood Chowder

Different parts of the world boast a variety of national cuisines, some bigger than others. Ireland has a wide variety of national cuisines from its main courses to its desserts. A lot of these meals carry very deep historical backgrounds where they were once eaten as part of an impoverished background. Today though, these meals have become delicacies to give one a taste of the Irish man’s world and to also share what makes Ireland unique. One such meal is its Irish Seafood Chowder. The meal can bRelated imagee made in different ways, but the significance is in its saucy seafood style.

How the Meal Became a Signature

Seafood chowder is a meal typically made from a thick cream or milk and then includes vegetables ranging from potatoes to onions and it also characterized by fish and clam. This meal in Ireland was known to be eaten by fishermen after getting the catch of a day, and like other historical cuisines was associated with poverty. What makes it one of Ireland’s best dishes is typical because it is a hearty filling meal shared by many for the different variations which you can make of it. A great many meal competitions have seen winners take awards from Seafood Chowder.

How to Make Your Own Dish

To make your own meal, you need a variety of vegetables from potatoes to onions, some clove garlic, parsley, and then you can add haddock fillets, clams, mussels, butter, milk and some salt and paper for taste. You start off your meal with your vegetables on boil in one pot, start your haddock off in the milk in another, and then in a large pan, start with your butter, add your onions and then take your ingredients from the first two pots and add after having drained them of water, and add what is left from your clams to your mussels, once thick, you can serve with bread.