Non-Alcoholic Gin Makes Its Debut in Ireland’s Liquor Market

Too much gin after dinner makes for a very difficult morning, and we are speaking from experience. In fact, the hangover could quite possibly mess up your week. Whether you are drinking it with some tonImage result for gin & tonicic water as part of that glorious pairing known as “gin & tonic” or simply taking it as a shot, gin makes everything well. The beloved spirit, however, has been known to leave many laying on bathroom floors, dancing all night at clubs, or running naked into cold sea water at the wee hours of the morning. Gin has had its Irish reign for centuries and it seems its non-alcoholic twin sister is coming to save some lives, literally.

Minimizing the Aftermath of The Storm

Ireland finally has its very own non-alcoholic gin brought to your courtesy of Silk Tree Botanics. That’s right, you may be able to enjoy the dark yet endearing taste of gin without all that alcohol, which according to the EU cannot be less than 37.5%! This company producing the gin was founded by Andrew and Tracy who themselves share an intense love affair with gin, more specifically and tonic, however, realized this rather toxic relationship had to come to an end. They became part of a growing social movement of people who wished to lead more healthy lifestyles.

Creating The Twin-sister Of Gin

The pair went in search of alternatives that would be seamlessly integrated into their already gin inspired lifestyle of activities such as hanging with friends, travelling, cooking, chilling at home or going to a business event. They knew they still wanted to enjoy all the zealous satisfaction gin could offer but one that wasn’t slowly killing them. After several months of trying different distil combinations, they found their combination. The bottle is currently on a trial run in Dublin’s SuperValu shops.