Irish University Opens Its Doors For A Degree In Making GIN

Yes, you read that right, Image result for Dublin Institute of Technologya university in Ireland is offering students a degree in Gin making. The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) has launched advanced entry and admission to their CPD (continuous professional development) brewing and distilling degree options for students who have graduated prior with a degree in science or former and current employees of the beverage industry. This is a major deal, especially seeing as the study of mixology or brewing has often been a speciality industry that needs to be either studied on the job or at a culinary institute. Seeing as we Irelanders are known for our liquor obsession it seems only fitting.

There is a market gap

One thing that universities seem to struggle with is to continuously update their curriculums to fit the current needs of the market. This has been seen in the rise of big tech and the digital age where universities are having to add new programmes and amend older ones to suit the current marketplace. The fact that Ireland has been a market leader within the Brewing and Distilling industry dating back centuries it comes as no surprise that DIT chose to implement the course. The competition within the global markets seems to only be growing and expanding, as such the industry at home needs more graduates who have the scientific skills and expertise to continue Ireland’s reputation in this area.

DIT is ahead of the curve

The need for specialised skills, knowledge and research and development has resulted in DIT yielding to the market calls. The institution has created a range of various flexible part-time course option for professionals who are seeking to further their knowledge within the industry to further advance their careers. The degree which is a BSc Food Innovation in Brewing and Distilling promises to offer students with all the scientific as well as engineering expertise to pursue a career in the industry.