Being a good barman has less to do with standing behind a bar and simply serving drinks and more to do with expert knowledge of your products. Knowing a wide range of liquors, alcohols, as well as the ability to prepare and mix them, not only makes for a great start and quality practice, but it can also be used to differentiate yourself from many other barmen. The truth is, anyone can serve a drink, but only the exception can make a great drink time and time again. Another unrecognised skill found in barmen is the power of empathy and great people skills.

The Best Online Site to Use

Ireland operates some of the best bartending schools online and offers sImage result for Best Barman and Insider Secretshort-term courses, as well as long-term courses, with high accreditation. Education is a necessity and you cannot afford to ‘wing it’, as it will show in the quality of your work. One of the best places to learn is with They understand the need to learn either after work or at a location that may not necessarily be deemed as learner friendly. They offer a 4-week course packed with mixology studies, barman practices, as well as liquor licensing for those interested in running their own bar.

Getting Practical Experience and Recognition

The next best thing to education is work experience. Work experience not only gives you the opportunity to build up your CV, but it also gives you credibility. The choice of bar you start working at adds value to your name and skills when an opportunity comes up to move on, and more importantly, it helps you understand how the industry works and gives an insight into problems you may encounter. You should also strive to ensure you have something memorable about you when job hunting. Instead of only having a conventional CV, add a video of you mixing your drinks and sharing what makes you different as a barman.