Foodies Delight In Ireland’s Cuisine

Image result for Foodies Delight In Ireland’s CuisineThe food industry in Ireland has come a tremendous way and much of it can be attributed to Myrtle Allen. It was her hard work, ambition and the vision of Irish dishes as wholesome and fresh, that brought Irish cuisine to the standard it stands at now. Allen’s focus was on sustainable food and it was her efforts that put Ireland on the map while also inspiring many others to follow their dreams of culinary creation for both the local and international stage. Myrtle laid the foundation which over time has been developed and built upon.

Feeding Tourism

Tourism is an industry that is quite phenomenal in Ireland and the ability to provide tasty food that many tourists travel to experience, has only developed the industry even more. The action of identifying smaller restaurants and promoting their efforts and dishes to the influx of foreigners has only fed the growing group of foodies who now form a large part of the tourist base. People want to experience authentic food as part of the full experience of the country and Ireland doesn’t disappoint. While Ireland still faces the challenges of restaurants dotted all over the country who serve up less the desirable food for an astronomical price, there are towns and villages throughout the area who can reap the rewards with a combination of good food, amazing service and stunning surroundings.

Technology to Market

Technological advancements today have made it possible to use marketing tools that weren’t available not too long ago. While Google Maps is frequently used by tourists searching for the location of any given restaurant in the country, the addition of an app that allows tourists to view the food profiles of each establishment would be a tremendous help. Easy accessibility to these towns and restaurants via ports, airports and an exceptional public transport system would bode them well as would a variety of comfortable and affordable accommodation destinations strategically situated.