What’s better than technological advancements that make acquiring a meal simpler for consumers? Flip dish is the newest thing when it comes to ordering your meals online. It is an app that helps you order your food and access meals through online platforms using your phone or a wristwatch. This app is for iPhone and Android phones, so you will be able to get it at your Google Play Store and your Apple App Store. The Flipdish brothers created the app tImage result for Flipdish App Advances Online Service For Food Ordering In Irelando catapult Ireland out of the stone ages, where online food ordering is concerned. They may have just succeeded.

Placing an Order with Your Watch

You have heard of making an order on a website or through an application, but have you ever done it on wristwatch? No, because this will be the first encounter of this calibre. The first time anyone in the world will be ordering food online with a watch. That takes convenience to another level, you could basically make a purchase while you are stuck in traffic. You will no longer have to click on a million options just to place an order. This incredible invention is aiming to get 1000 restaurants in Dublin on board. All the foodies need to download this application.

Where Did the Idea Emerge From?

The creators of this revolutionary application, say they came up with this idea trying to remedy their own frustrations. They were tired of filling in too many details before they could get their food delivered to them. In some websites you are asked for the following details: Name, email address, username, place, etc. This can be very defeating to fill in every time you are hungry. Fortunately, you will not have to any longer! You don’t have to state your location because of it has Geolocation, your previous purchases will be saved as well. So, you won’t have to search each time to want to place an order.