Festival Fever Hits Dayton In Celtic Style

The Dayton Celtic Music festival is known for the musical offerings that play through the days and nights, however, these days the festival is much more than that. What’s on offer provides an all-around Celtic experience that will astonish. There are always plenty of places to find something different and delightful to eat, many craft beer vendors, activities to keep the children entertained and of course the much-anticipated workshops. This is a true celebration of the Celts. The festival takes place between July 27 and 29 at the Riverscape Metro park in Dayton.

Mass for The Masses and Fine Delicacies

The Gaelic Mass which takes place on Sunday is a firm favourite among festival goers. This was the word given by the person in charge of publicity and marketing for the event, Shawn Kain. While the mass is presented in Gaelic, a complex language to grasp, each word spoken is reiterated in English. Sunday morning is marked by the traditional Celtic breakfast. This is the opportunity for everyone to experience both traditional festival foods and authentic beverages and food. Adding that Irish flavour is never forgone.

Culturally Rich

Image result for Celtic nationsThe Irish and the other Celtic nations are a heritage and culture that are rich and a history that runs deep. The addition of dancing, genealogy, Irish wolfhounds and history as well as a myriad of workshops and activities has allowed the festival to expand its cultural side. Many of the participating musicians will be giving up their time to head the Introduction to Irish Music Workshop and mingle with festival attendees. Merchandise and festivals go hand in hand, and the Celtic Music Festival is right on par. With a huge abundance of merchandise on sale that can’t be found online, paying the festival a visit in person is well worth the trip. The feeling of family is strong here and bonds are created for a lifetime.