A Small Pub With A Big Name

Image result for A Small Pub With A Big NameSeamus’s Irish Bar is owned by a couple from Picton, Ben and Vanessa Evans. The perfect description of the bar would be Irish with a twist of Kiwi. The quaint bar is in the running for the Irish Pub of The Year Award, an honour they are extremely happy to have bestowed upon them. While this is their first time entering the competition, they are confident that they stand an excellent chance. The bar is world’s away from the Green Isle but presents a cherished piece of Ireland hidden in New Zealand. There is really nothing like the Irish people and the warmth they conjure up.

The Buzz Around the Town

The event and possibly first place position has created quite a stir in Picton with the owners as well as their patrons growing with excitement at the impending outcome. Entrants must really display the essence of the Irish people and the warm hospitality they have become synonymous with. The food offered and the drinks available play an important role in who is awarded the overall win. If you have ever been to a pub in Ireland you will realise the importance of atmosphere, another telling factor in the competition. Irish hospitality at its best is such that it cannot be beaten

Accolades Aplenty for Seamus Pub

The Best Irish Pub of the Year Award is a competition held by the Irish Pubs Global Federation. More than 250000 voters made their mark and put their opinion in for the Best Irish Bar category. While this is a great honour for Seamus’s that isn’t where it ends. The little Irish pub in New Zealand also stands in line to win top honours for the Best Bar Person and the Best Whiskey Experience. It seems this little pub is making a name for itself all over the globe.